1$ Shot - Limited Edition (2 of 5)

Dhs. 1,099.00

by Steven Char, Lebanon

Limited edition - only 2 available out of 5 sold worldwide.

Product Description

“Living in India for a while gave me a unique opportunity to explore its beautiful culture – from the loud colourful festivals to the spiritual and grounding ones. After a long day in Jaipur, and while leaving its busy streets, I, literally stumbled on the person in this shot. He was sitting cross-legged selling rusted screwdrivers for a living. It took me 72 rupees (~1$) to capture this stare.

About Artist

A business developer, world traveller, extreme sports lover, and photographer, Steven Char wandered with a camera on his side and took photographs that reflected how he sees the world. From the peaks of the Alps to the bays of Mumbai, getting through those narrow bustling streets reaching the Californian beach, there is always a story to tell.

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About Our Products

All frames are handmade using Italian wood with a window mount and clear glass front. Digital and photography artworks are printed on 250 gsm paper using fade-resistant inks to ensure longevity.

Deliveries are typically made within 2 to 5 business days and we promise to plant a tree for each order to fight climate change.

What’s In the Box

Frames are delivered in sturdy boxes and covered with bubble wrap to ensure maximum protection. We include hanging material. We also credit our artists by including a postcard with the artwork on it and details about the artist behind it.