A Day in the Life of Madame Trey

Dhs. 149.00

by Carlos Aoun, Lebanon

Product Description

This is Madame Trey in her roaring 40’s. Madame Trey was created using random triangular interception. Her daily routine includes twisting her curls in tight hair loops to prep them for a long day at work, where her boss is too bossy and her family is too familiar. Madame Trey can be found in any town, at any time, but she belongs here in this modern vintage piece.

About Artist

Carlos is an ambitious Lebanese Architecture student and artist, based in France. His artwork is the result of years of experimenting with different materials. The meaning and interpretation behind his prints aren’t set in stone or predetermined but rather open for individuals to create their own meaning that comes out from their own identity and experiences. This is made possible because of the neutral forms, creating a playful quality.

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Product Quality

All frames are handmade using Italian wood with a window mount and clear glass front. Digital and photography artworks are printed on 250 gsm paper using fade-resistant inks to ensure longevity.

What’s In the Box

Frames are delivered in sturdy boxes and covered with bubble wrap to ensure maximum protection. We include hanging material. We also credit our artists by including a postcard with the artwork on it and details about the artist behind it.

Print Size Chart

We include a paper border for all prints so you can choose how to trim and frame the piece yourself.

For 3:2 prints (applies to most of our artwork):

Small — Image size: 21x31 cm; Paper Size: 30x40 cm

Medium — Image size: 32x47 cm; Paper Size: 45x60 cm

Large — Image size: 41x61 cm; Paper Size: 55x75 cm

X-Large — Image size: 51x76 cm; Paper Size: 65x90 cm

For 1:1 prints (applies to square artwork only):

Small — Image size: 21x21 cm; Paper Size: 30x35 cm

Medium — Image size: 32x32 cm; Paper Size: 45x50 cm

Large — Image size: 41x41 cm; Paper Size: 55x60 cm

X-Large — Image size: 51x51 cm; Paper Size: 65x75 cm