Lost Crowd

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by Sara Tohme, Lebanon

Product Description

The lost crowd is a body of colors trying to blend into each other and form a whole. The people in the crowd are connected, there are no lines defining each character, they are almost superposed. At the same time, it still feels as if they are far away in the way they are looking at/away from each other. This work aims to explore this connection that we are constantly trying to redefine. What does it mean to belong to a crowd? or not to?

About Artist

Sara received her BA in Arts from McGill University, and moved to Berlin to study Graphic Design and Painting. In her work, Sara explores the human psyche, in the constant confrontation between freedom and oppression. She expresses this constant battle, through portraits, using bright colors and organized lines, as a means of catharsis. The absence of shadows and the flatness in her works evoke graphic and childlike emotions. She paints portraits that seem to feel emotions of indifference but also reflect a discreet sense of fascination.

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About Our Products

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What’s In the Box

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